IT Degaussing

IT Degaussing employs cutting-edge technology for magnetic media erasure, ensuring irreversible data destruction and environmental responsibility.

Magnetic Data Gone for Good

All Star Shredding’s IT Degaussing service offers a state-of-the-art solution for securely erasing magnetic media. Our advanced degaussing technology creates a potent magnetic field, making data on hard drives, tapes, and magnetic storage media unrecoverable. This procedure guarantees thorough and permanent data destruction, eliminating any possibility of retrieving sensitive information.

All Star Shredding prioritizes compliance with data protection regulations, offering a secure and environmentally friendly alternative for disposing of magnetic media. Choose our IT Degaussing service to safeguard your organization from data breaches, ensuring confidentiality and peace of mind while contributing to responsible electronic waste management. Trust us for a reliable, compliant, and advanced solution to your magnetic media erasure needs.

Data Destruction

Key Features

Irreversible Data Erasure:

All Star Shredding's IT Degaussing ensures the irreversible erasure of data on magnetic media, preventing any chance of recovery.

Cutting-Edge Degaussing Technology:

Benefit from advanced degaussing technology that generates a powerful magnetic field, guaranteeing effective and secure data destruction.

Compliance with Data Protection:

Prioritis e compliance with data protection regulations, ensuring confidentiality and legal adherence during the IT Degaussing process.

Secure Alternative to Disposal:

Opt for IT Degaussing as a secure and eco-friendly option for disposing of magnetic media, effectively preventing data breaches.

Peace of Mind:

Trust All Star Shredding for peace of mind, knowing that sensitive information is permanently erased through our IT Degaussing service.

Environmental Responsibility:

Support responsible electronic waste management by selecting IT Degaussing, and adhering to eco-conscious methods for disposing of magnetic media.

What Sets Us Apart:

Dual Expertise

From confidential documents to outdated hard drives, we specialize in both paper and hard drive shredding, providing a one-stop solution for all your data destruction needs.


We take pride in our ISO certification, showcasing our dedication to upholding the utmost standards in both data security and service quality.

Environmentally Friendly

Our data destruction services go beyond security; they are environmentally responsible. We prioritise eco-friendly practices, ensuring that the impact on the environment is minimised through responsible recycling and disposal.

Anything with Data We Destroy

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